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Working Women Journalist (WWJ)

Working Women Journalists (WWJ) is an organization of professional women journalists working in different media in Nepal.WWJ was established in 2006 with the mission of forming a common platform to advocate and lobby for issues related to women journalists. WWJ is governed by 11executive members. More than 350 women journalists working in daily papers, magazines, radio, television and online are the core membership of the organization. Our main aim is to increase the quantity and quality of women journalists. Similarly, we are also working towards increasing the access of women journalist to decision making level. We believe that it is possible by providing equal opportunity to develop the skills of women journalists.

Objectives :

: advocate and lobby for the issues and benefit of women journalists.

: increase the access of women journalists to the decision making level in Media.

: provide learning opportunities to develop and enhance the skills of women journalists.

: lobby for access to equal opportunity for the women journalists.

: encourage women to join the field of journalism.

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: established network of Nepali working women journalists and 28 districts chapters have been formed till date

: organized many training programmes like basic journalism training, proposal writing, TOT, blogging, photograpy, feature writing etc. These trainings helped on leadership development and trainer production.

: conducted workshops on code of ethics, issue identification of WWJ, review of existing laws, policies and directives related to journalism, issues of women editors and publishers etc

: organized the first national conference of working Nepali women journalists in Pokhara in 2006

: organized 3 regional conference of working women journalists in Kathmandu, Butwal and Janakpur.

: organized a trip to Kailali and Kanchanpur districts of Far Western Region and Rolpa districts of Mid Western Region in 2008 to provide learning opportunities through field trips. We also visited Maoist cantonments and other parts of Rolpa to study about post conflicts situation of the country.

: coordinated several advocacy campaigns focusing on the rights of women journalists, participated on different rallies and protest program related to women journalists and women movements.

: conducted a number of interaction programs focusing on the issues of women, their representation in decision making levels of state mechanism and participation of women in the process of constitution drafting.

: organized national media workshops, seminars and consultations to give exposure to women journalists and increase their level of understanding and confidence to advocate on their own issues.

: some women journalists on leadership of WWJ have been able to reach to policy level.

: made the profile of prominent Nepali women leaders from various fields.

: developed our own website.

: conducted fellowship programs with the help of National Information Commission and Child Workers in Nepal (CWIN) etc

: met Prime Minister, Minister for Information and Communication, FNJ and other International Non Government Organisation (INGO) to lobby for women journalists

: got recognition from FNJ and state agencies. For example we have been included as a member of high level inclusive media committee

WWJ working with other partners

Since it’s establishment in 2006, We have been working closely with different organizations. The foremost supporter of our organization is Sankalpa which is an inclusive network of 11 different women organizations. With the financial aid from Sankalpa we had organized our first national conference in Pokhara. Besides this we also have done regional conference, workshop on code of ethics and many other seminars.

Toyota Foundation had also helped us to organize different trips, fellowships program and an international conference in Kathmandu. Likewise National Information Commission and CWIN have also helped us for different programs.

Mc Connell Foundation Program: Since 2010 Mc Connell Foundation has started funding WWJ programs. We have organized different training programmes, seminars, workshops etc with the help of this foundation. WWJ also has started its own website. This year also we have decided to work together on different topics.

Remaining Quotes of Advisor, President and a member from district chapter.

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