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WWJ मा तपाईलाई स्वागत छ

Working Women Journalists (WWJ) is an organization of professional women journalists working in different media in Nepal.WWJ was established in 2006 with the mission of forming a common platform to advocate and lobby for issues related to women journalists. WWJ is governed by 11executive members. More than 350 women journalists working in daily papers, magazines, radio, television and online are the core membership of the organization. Our main aim is to increase the quantity and quality of women journalists. Similarly, we are also working towards increasing the access of women journalist to decision making level. We believe that it is possible by providing equal opportunity to develop the skills of women journalists.

Objectives :

: advocate and lobby for the issues and benefit of women journalists.

: increase the access of women journalists to the decision making level in Media.

: provide learning opportunities to develop and enhance the skills of women journalists.

: lobby for access to equal opportunity for the women journalists.

: encourage women to join the field of journalism. (more…)